Export Markets

T his company is currently the biggest paint exporter of the country and has been selected as the national exemplary exporter for 2 consecutive years.

The company has also had the honor of being selected as the provincial exemplary exporter for 9 consecutive years. This company exports different types of oil paint, undercoat, etc. to all the central Asian countries, Afghanistan, Africa and China.

The quantity of exported products of the company from 2005 to 2009 is as follows:

  • Year 2005: $12492197 equivalent to 8046 tons of building paints
  • Year 2006: $20944825 equivalent to 11102 tons of building paints
  • Year 2007: $23846946 equivalent to 12289 tons of building paints
  • Year 2008: $31216963 equivalent to 12318 tons of building paints
  • Year 2009: $36071564 equivalent to 14450 tons of building paints