About Us

A trak Shimi Shargh Compnay was founded in 2000 in Yazd province with the name of "Berger RangKavir", but it was transferred to Mashhad in 2006 and changed its name to Atrak Shimi Shargh Company.

In pursuit of development plan of the factory, Atrak Shimi Shargh Co. was established in Toos industrial estate and in addition to manufacturing building paints, embarked on setting up production lines of resin and different kinds of metal containers for paint packaging. The increase in manufacture of products finally resulted in establishment of "Atrak Shimi Shargh industrial group".

Atrak Shimi Co. is the manufacturer of resin, oil painting, paint packaging containers, plastic paint , acrylic, anti corrosion paint , etc.

This company is currently the biggest paint exporter of the country and has been selected as the national exemplary exporter for 2 consecutive years. The company has also had the honor of being selected as the provincial exemplary exporter for 9 consecutive years.

Atrak Shimi Co. succeeded to obtain R & D certificate from the general office of Khorasan organization of industries and mines in 2008. This unit, using the knowledge of experienced experts, while investigates different formulations so as to reduce the cost price and achieve efficacy, has put entering the European markets on its agenda.

What distinguish this company from other active companies in this area are the low cost price of manufactured paints which can compete with all the foreign manufacturers of the target markets, relative and continuous increase of quality, price stability, despite the global economic crisis, variety of manufactured paints and acceptance of JIT orders.

Products of this company are exported to all the CIS countries in central Asia, Afghanistan, Africa and China.